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Top publications

Best publications from our group over past years.

The library in Dublin, picture shows metal staircase and lots of books.
The Library in Dublin.

King B.C., Kulak K, Krus U., Rosberg R., Golec E., Wozniak K., Gomez M.F., Zhange E., O'Connell D., Renström E. and Blom A.M. (2019) Complement C3 proteinst against autophagy related beta-cell detah via ATG16L1 interaction and regulation of autophagy.., Cell Metabolism, 29, 202-210.

Holmquist E., Bartoschek M., Reitsma B., Jacobsson L., Escudero-Esparza A., Orimo A., Leandersson K., Hagerling C., Aspberg A., Storm P., Okroj M., Mulder H., Jirström K., Pietras K., and Blom A.M. (2016) Cartilage Oligomeric Matrix Protein (COMP) contributes to the development and metastasis of breast cancer., Oncogene, 35, 5585-5596.

Golec E., Ekström A., Noga M., Omar-Hmeadi M., Lund P.E., Villoutreix B.O., Krus U., Wozniak K., Korsgren O., Renström E., Barg S., King B.C. and Blom A.M. (2022) Alternative splicing encodes novel intracellular CD59 isoforms that mediate insulin secretion and are downregulated in diabetic islets., Proc Natl Acad Sci USA (PNAS), 119, e2120083119.

Smolag K.I., Mueni C.M., Leandersson K., Jirström K., Hagerling C., Barlow P., Martin M. and Blom A.M. (2020) Complement inhibitor factor H expressed by breast cancer cells differentiates CD14+ human monocytes into immunosuppressive macrophages., Oncoimmunology, 9, e1731135.

Leffler J., Martin M., Gullstrand B., Tydén H., Lood C., Truedsson L., Bengtsson A. A. and Blom A. M. (2012) Neutrophil extracellular traps in systemic lupus erythematosus patients that are not degraded activate complement exacerbating the disease., J. Immunol., 188, 3522-31.

van de Ven J. P. H., Nilsson S. C., Tan P. L., Buitendijk G. H., Ristau T., Mohlin F., Nabuurs S. B., Schoenmaker-Koller F., Smailhodzic D., Campochiaro P. A., Zack D. J., Duvvari M. R., , Bakker B., Paun C.C., Boon C. J. F., Uitterlinden A.G., Liakopoulos S., Klevering B. J., Fauser S., Daha M. R., Katsanis N., Klaver C. C. W., Blom A. M., Hoyng C. B. and den Hollander A. I. (2013) A functional variant in the CFI gene confers high risk of age-related macular degeneration., Nature Genetics, 45, 813-7.

Ermert D., Shaughnessy J., Joeris T., Kaplan J., Pang C. J., Kurt-Jones E. A., Rice P.A., Ram S. and Blom A. M. (2015) Virulence of group A streptococci is enhanced by human complement inhibitors., PLOS Pat, 11, e1005043.

Gialeli C., Tuysuz E., Staaf J., Guleed S., Paciorek V., Mörgelin M., Papadakos K.S. and Blom A.M. (2021) Complement inhibitor CSMD1 modulates epidermal growth factor receptor oncogenic signaling and sensitizes breast cancer to chemotherapy., J. Exp Clin Cancer Res., 40, 258.

Krus U., King B.C., Nagaraj V., Gandasi N.R., Sjölander J., Buda P., Garcia-Vaz E., Ottosson-Laakso E., Storm P., Fex M., Vikman P., Zhang E., Barg S., Blom A.M. and Renström E. (2014) The complement regulator CD59 regulates insulin secretion by modulating exocytotic events., Cell Metabol., 19, 883-900.